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Is It Time To Move Your Business To The Cloud?

By WillD|March 29th,2018|Cloud Services,Disaster Recovery|No comments

If your business handles a lot of data and you’ve been around for a while, it’s likely you have hardware like servers and routers to handle all that data. And you might be wondering, as those servers reach capacity again, if it is time to move to the cloud. Here are a few things to consider about making such a move.


clouds as sunsetIt is likely that moving to the cloud will save you money in the long run. Keeping and maintaining a data center is expensive. And you have to pay for everything you buy, whether you use it or not. With cloud services like Amazon Web Services (AWS), you can find plans that let you pay for only the storage you use. And you don’t need to have expensive IT professionals on staff full time. You can leave that up to your Network Services company.


A lot of businesses have fluctuating needs when it comes to data management, like retailers who have a spike in sales during the holiday season or an education data company that has spikes during testing periods or the beginning of the school year. Using the cloud lets you easily scale up and back depending on your needs so you only pay for what you use.


You may have heard something like, “there is no cloud, it is just someone else’s computers.” Well that’s true if that someone else has those computers in a secure locked-down site with closed circuit cameras, 24 hour security, and limited access by only a few people. Legitimate cloud services providers make sure they have the latest in security in place to protect your data and keep it away from unauthorized eyes.

Disaster Recovery

Natural and man-made disasters rarely give you advanced warning to properly backup your data. By having your business based in the cloud instead of hard drives and servers in your office means that in the event of is disaster like a fire or flood, your business can carry on without much of a hitch.

Increased Collaboration and Productivity

In today’s world, emailing documents with different chronological versions or sharing them on a flash drive has gone the way of pagers and DOS. Using collaboration tools like Google Apps for Office lets your team collaborate in real time, including version tracking and commenting. Live chat apps like Slack and Google Hangouts make it easy for team members to work remotely.

There may be some growing pains at first when you decide to go with cloud migration, especially for people who are resistant to any kind of change. But if you’re seriously considering it, then it is probably time to make the move.


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3 Reasons To Outsource Your Network Services

By WillD|March 22nd,2018|Client Services,IT,Managed Services,Security|No comments

Cost Savings

Having a dedicated network manager on staff means interviewing, vetting, hiring and training, and that is just the beginning. Then you have to factor in salary, benefits and what to do when your dedicated network manager goes on vacation, has a sick day or goes on parental leave. Also, take some time to think about why you would manage your own network in the first place. Sure your network may be vital for your business, it is for almost every business these days. But that doesn’t mean you should manage it.

Imagine you own a restaurant. You need people on staff to handle things like customer service, food preparation, and keeping things clean and sanitary in order to operate. The kitchen equipment is vital to your day-to-day operations, but you would never have someone on staff solely dedicated to monitoring and fixing the ovens and fryers when an issue arose. The same thing applies to network management for many businesses.

An Diverse Level of Expertise

Your in-house network person or team can become excellent at what they do, which is manage your network. But the people who work at network management companies with multiple clients are collectively experts at many different types of network installations and functions. They might spot a process of yours that is outdated and can recommend an updated and modernized version that could save you money. Someone who only specializes in your system likely won’t do that.

Keep Your Focus

If you are managing your own network and you need to scale up, it is going to cost a lot of time and money. If your network goes down for some reason that your manager is not familiar with, it could be down for hours or even days. Outsourcing your network management allows you to focus on what your customers, your sales, and your products without having to worry about keeping your network going.


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Nashville AWS Consulting Services

By jjrosen|March 7th,2018|Uncategorized|No comments

Amazon’s Cloud (AWS) is over Nashville.

This is a good thing.

Not only are we thrilled to have Amazon in Nashville, but we also know that many businesses are taking making the move to the cloud and choosing Amazon Web Services. Here at Atiba, we’re big fans of AWS and can help you get set up, provide consulting, and support.

Looking for your AWS consulting partner? Reach out to us today for a free quote or any questions that you may have.

Nashville’s AWS Consulting Leader

We want to make sure that you’re not only comfortable using AWS, but you’ll be able to find plenty of success. Amazon Web Services is packed with plenty of services that, at first, can be a bit overwhelming. But, that’s why we’re here to help.

Here’s what we can help you with/

Managed Services

We offer remote monitoring, 24/7 assistance, security auditing, and more to help manage the cloud. If you have a question or need assistance, we’ll get back to you within one business day to solve your problem.

This will allow you to focus on what’s most important: your business. We can handle all the geeky, tech items while you worry about your business operations.


If you’re not yet on the cloud or are looking to change, we can help you take care of that. We’ll help lay out a strategy for your migration, test everything out, and document everything along the way. We’ve worked with small businesses to enterprise-level businesses and we can help your business migrate.


What good is using the cloud if it’s not secure? We take security seriously and know that any breach is going to cost your company money, customers, and time to fix. We offer regular maintenance, patching, and proactive measures to ensure your business is protected.

In addition, we run regular tests to gauge your system’s vulnerability as well as regular security audits.

Our Favorite Things About Amazon Web Services

It’s Easy to Use

Cloud services aren’t always the easiest things to understand, but AWS is easy to use. One of the things we hear the most is that AWS is easy to use, especially for those who don’t consider themselves tech geniuses.

AWS is very organized, user-friendly, and has a clean and simple design that doesn’t make it overly confusing.

It helps that AWS is coming up on two decades of existence, meaning that they’ve had plenty of time to refine their interface and iron out any kinks along the way.

There may be a slight learning curve at the beginning, but we can help with that too.

Top-Notch Speed

Amazon Prime prides itself on delivering packages in no time and one of AWS’ calling cards is boasting the same kind of speed. AWS outperforms other cloud services such as Oracle when it comes to speed.

Users are able to get right into the system and begin working with almost zero downtime.

Options to Scale

AWS was made to work for everyone. Huge, multinational companies like GE make use of AWS but it also has options to scale down to small businesses with less than five employees.

Another bright spot with AWS is the option to scale your payment. In the past, companies were forced to buy a pre-determined amount of storage. Smaller companies were often finding themselves spending money on data they were never going to use.

AWS has adjusted their payment options and you can measure and scale how much data you’ll need for your company. If you find you’re paying too much or too little, you can easily make a change.

If you’re looking to dig more into pricing, AWS has a cost estimate calculator where you can fill out company details and find a proper estimate.


If you’re looking for an AWS consulting partner, then we are ready to help. With years of proven experience and a team of dedicated experts ready to help, we can assist with any AWS issue you may be having. Reach out to us today!

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