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Breaking Down a Security Audit

By Jim Reams|April 27th,2018|IT,Security|No comments

There is a difference between a technical audit and an IT security audit. Performing an IT security audit on a regular basis is important to make sure your IT platforms and all your valuable data are safe from all the constantly evolving security threats that come along. A security audit by a third party will analyze the strength of your current security efforts and identify any security flaws that could set you up for a potential breach.

security guardSmall to mid-sized businesses are especially tempting targets for attackers because smaller businesses often don’t have the a full complement of security specialists on staff like large, multinational corporations do. Cyber criminals getting into the data or even the financials of a small to medium sized business can be particularly devastating. And criminals can really dig in for a while without being detected, while breaches at companies with a full security department will probably be detected quickly.

You probably have a set of security policies and procedures in place for your company, but the speed at which technology evolves can make those policies outdated and irrelevant in short order. A good security auditor will often use those policies as a starting point for their review. This is why you should invest in a complete third-party IT security audit on an annual basis.

To perform an IT security audit, specialists collect data from the systems your company is running and use audit tools to assess your security situation. After a thorough analysis of your IT system, you’ll receive a full report detailing the strengths and weaknesses of your system, with a list of action items you should take for maximum security improvement.

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When Is It Time For A Technical Audit And Review?

By Jim Reams|April 25th,2018|Client Services,Security|No comments

It Has Been A While

Yes, “a while” is vague and it is vague for a reason. If your IT infrastructure has been cruising along with little or no changes while your business continues to operate, you may only need to do a technical audit every couple of years to see if your systems are outdated. But if your IT systems are constantly being updated and changed, you should consider having an IT audit done on a more regular basis.

It Is Time For A Software Vendor Audit

computer screen full of codeThird-party software vendor audits can be a nightmare for IT professionals who aren’t prepared for them. If the vendor finds evidence of overuse, they can charge your company a lot of money that isn’t in the budget. Software vendors can be very aggressive in their auditing practices in order to get as much money out of you as possible. Get ahead of them by doing an audit before they do so you’ll know if you’ve overused their product and can take steps to prepare for their findings.

You Are Starting A New Project

If you are starting a new technology project, it is a good idea to get your IT audit team involved from the beginning. This allows your internal tech staff to view the audit team as business partners instead of interlopers who come in after the fact to point out what they did wrong. But, more importantly, it gives you an objective third party to guide the project by checking on it occasionally to catch those mistakes before they become part of the final product. It is much easier to make changes along the way than it is to make them after the fact.

Your Policies Have Become Too Complex

As your company grows it is only natural for policies and procedures to expand with greater complexity. But they sometimes get to a point where they are too complex and burdensome, and you can end up with contradictory or counterproductive rules. Additionally, exceptions can be getting out of hand. Exceptions are a natural part of defining procedures and policies, but documentation can be sketchy because exceptions are often done by individuals for unique cases. An IT audit can bring all of these policy problems to light so your team can make sense of them.

Hire A Trusted IT Auditing Firm

The most important foundation to the technical auditing process is to make sure you hire and experienced technical audit and review firm to do the work. They can become a trusted partner who can get your IT infrastructure and services on the right path to maximum productivity.


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Advantages of Using G Suite Tools For Business

By Jim Reams|April 17th,2018|Client Services|No comments

Most people are familiar with Gmail or Google Docs. Maybe you have a free Gmail account or two for different reasons. There is a whole suite of extremely powerful business tools in the G Suite platform, and it may be just what your business needs to increase organization and productivity.


For only five dollars per user per year, G Suite for Business offers one terabyte of storage for businesses with four users or fewer, which is so much it’s basically unlimited storage. And if your business is has five or more users, you get true unlimited storage on Gmail, Google Photos and Google Drive. No need for services like Dropbox ever again.


Gmail is an extremely powerful email platform. Most people know about having a Gmail address, but you can sync your business email address up to gmail to use all the powerful features. With the search feature alone, you’ll always be able to quickly find any company email from anytime with just a few keywords.

Google Hangouts

G Suite logo

Hangouts is Google’s alternative to Slack, and it is integrated right into your G Suite tools. Real-time instant messages, voice calls and video conferencing with screen sharing are all available on Hangouts. Plus you can integrate it with your Google Calendar to schedule meetings with automatic time zone adjustments for people in other cities or countries around the world.

Google Vault

Vault lets you store and maintain documents, emails, and conversations in Hangouts for a specified period of time, great for when you have legal or compliance requirements on certain information. It’s all cloud based, so no need to install any sofware.

If you want to get started with G Suite for Business and it seems overwhelming, contact a company that provides G Suite consulting and integrations services like Atiba to help you get started.


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