A Day in the Life of a Nashville Computer Consultant

By jjrosen|February 24th,2013|Atiba Behind the Scenes|No comments

As we have added more network engineers and techies to our crew at Atiba over the years, we have often said that between all of us working on computer related projects all over town, it would be fun to start keep a journal.

The IT / geek world can actually be very interesting.   In a single day we will cover everything from emergency network issues, to setting up new servers, to designing a WAN, to fixing a users printer.

Looking over the past few months, we thought it would be fun to make our internal “Day in The Life” of a Nashville Computer Consultant public.

Some highlights from this past 2 weeks:

  • “Connected a Cisco firewall to a SonicWall firewall,  IPSec, VPN — it works!”  
  • “Got an alert that a users PC was running slow, was kind of weird, hard drive was getting hammered, after some digging, found it was running an old version of Btrieve, had not seen that in years!   Fixed now”
  • Random call came in, not an existing client…nice folks, in a panic (understandably) because their Microsoft Exchange Server died.    Ended up being a late night but victory at last.   Restored from users OST files and put a new server up for them on the Amazon cloud”
  • “Spent all weekend studying for my security CISSP test…”
  • “Me and Scott setup Google Apps for a new customer – pretty cool stuff, easy and quicker than I thought”
  • “Late night data restore”
  • “Past 2 days in Memphis setting up SharePoint and SQL Server  on 4 new Dell servers”
  • “Checking out Dell’s vCloud this eve”

A glimpse into IT consulting from our Nashville office…will post more soon!


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Mobile Security Strategy

By admin|September 2nd,2012|Security|No comments

Smart phones and tablets are transforming the way we live by storm. It has provided a new way to network and manage data. However, can mobile phones be just as vulnerable as our laptops in getting viruses or hacked?  The potential of a stranger getting access has greatly increased over the years. It is estimated that 70 percent of enterprise data is stored on a mobile device and when employees connect to less secured whiffs and use social media, it is likely for secure data to be attacked by hackers.


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Wired vs. Wireless: Speed or Security?

By admin|September 1st,2012|Connectivity|No comments

Let me start by saying I’m not here to argue for one over the other, but to simply give a side-by-side comparison of the two. Wired vs. wireless internet connections are something we all need to be a bit more aware of in terms of future technology. Until we realize the capabilities and limitations of what we currently have then we’ll never be making strides to better them.


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