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Have A Disaster Recovery Plan For Your Business

By WillD|April 3rd,2018|Disaster Recovery|No comments

In 2010, our home city of Nashville experienced what was called a 1000-year flood, causing massive damage throughout the middle Tennessee area. Lives were lost, homes and business were destroyed. The physical damage is estimated to be as much as $2 billion.

hurricaneNobody expected this flood. We just thought we were going to get some rain. That’s how it works with disasters. Most of the time they’re unexpected and when they are expected, like in the case of hurricanes, there is still plenty of uncertainty as far as exact locations and severity of damages.

Most businesses have insurance to protect them in the event of a disaster. But it is equally as important to have an up-to-date disaster recovery plan (DRP) in place that has been thoroughly tested on a regular basis. Increasingly, technology DRPs have to prepare for cyber disasters as well as physical disasters such as flood, fire or earthquake.

A good Network DRP is a document that is created by your company’s IT department with plans for procedures for recovering and reinstating your networks, servers, and network applications. The plan should also address data recovery, and prioritize which data is the most critical to be recovered first.

Many companies have turned to the cloud for much of their networking needs, which usually has redundant backups in place. But not all IT systems can count on the cloud, such as some legacy and custom applications.

It is essential that your DRP be updated on a regular basis. Quarterly is a good idea, but do it at least once a year.

If DRP creation, testing, updating and implementing in the case of an actual disaster is more than your IT department can handle, consider an IT consulting firm that offers Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS). With that in place, you can handle all the other things that are happening during such a stressful time for your business.


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