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Advantages of Using G Suite Tools For Business

By Jim Reams|April 17th,2018|Client Services|No comments

Most people are familiar with Gmail or Google Docs. Maybe you have a free Gmail account or two for different reasons. There is a whole suite of extremely powerful business tools in the G Suite platform, and it may be just what your business needs to increase organization and productivity.


For only five dollars per user per year, G Suite for Business offers one terabyte of storage for businesses with four users or fewer, which is so much it’s basically unlimited storage. And if your business is has five or more users, you get true unlimited storage on Gmail, Google Photos and Google Drive. No need for services like Dropbox ever again.


Gmail is an extremely powerful email platform. Most people know about having a Gmail address, but you can sync your business email address up to gmail to use all the powerful features. With the search feature alone, you’ll always be able to quickly find any company email from anytime with just a few keywords.

Google Hangouts

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Hangouts is Google’s alternative to Slack, and it is integrated right into your G Suite tools. Real-time instant messages, voice calls and video conferencing with screen sharing are all available on Hangouts. Plus you can integrate it with your Google Calendar to schedule meetings with automatic time zone adjustments for people in other cities or countries around the world.

Google Vault

Vault lets you store and maintain documents, emails, and conversations in Hangouts for a specified period of time, great for when you have legal or compliance requirements on certain information. It’s all cloud based, so no need to install any sofware.

If you want to get started with G Suite for Business and it seems overwhelming, contact a company that provides G Suite consulting and integrations services like Atiba to help you get started.


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