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Rapidly-growing businesses might be familiar with VMware. This software is oft-used for businesses who want to extend their reach without sacrificing security, functionality, or efficiency while being able to reduce costs.

Sounds pretty good, right?

VMware is a type of software that allows the elements of a single computer to be divided across multiple computers. The elements divided are the hardware elements of a computer, such as the processor, storage, memory, and more. This computing power is divided amongst multiple virtual computers, more commonly referred to as ‘virtual machines’.

There are lots of benefits that come with running VMware, such as improved resource management, reducing IT costs, improved security

VMware vSphere with Operations Management 

vSphere with Operations Management combines the world’s leading virtualization platform with VMware’s award-winning management capabilities. This new solution enables users to gain operational insight into a vSphere while also optimizing capacity.

vSphere with Operations Management allows users to:

  • Reduce the downtime of applications by 36%
  • Reduce diagnostics and problem resolution time by 26%
  • Improve VMware capacity utilization by 40% and consolidation ratios by 37%
  • Double the IT savings of vSphere

Are you ready to get started?

VMware vCloud® Suite Editions 

vCloud Suite Standard

  • Increase business agility with rapid and secure access to IT
  • The most agile and secure Infrastructure-as-a-Service platform

vCloud Suite Advanced

  • Improve IT peace-of-mind with performance and capacity management
  • Agility with automated performance management

vCloud Suite Enterprise

  • Safeguard revenue and business reputation with resilient, compliant IT resources running multi-tier applications
  • Everything you need for a mature IaaS cloud

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