Wired vs. Wireless: Speed or Security?

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Let me start by saying I’m not here to argue for one over the other, but to simply give a side-by-side comparison of the two. Wired vs. wireless internet connections are something we all need to be a bit more aware of in terms of future technology. Until we realize the capabilities and limitations of what we currently have then we’ll never be making strides to better them.

Wireless internet connectivity is definitely on the rise and has continued to make leaps and bounds in the consumer market. There’s no doubt wireless connectivity is convenient. It allows you to work basically anywhere at any time. Think of all the places you can now go to get access to the internet with just the click of a button: coffee shops, schools or universities, libraries, cell phones, iPads or other handheld devices, and even by just sitting in your car where Wi-Fi is available. Install is quick and easy, and there’s no denying that wireless internet is a more economical solution for those watching their budgets.

The only major problem that comes with wireless internet connectivity is the lack of security. Intercepting the wireless connection is relatively easy because you can actually see everything that’s being transmitted in real time monitoring. Anyone with a wireless enabled laptop could hack into a wireless connection within minutes. How many of us haven’t had that happen to us or know someone that did? It’s happening more and more frequently.

Now let’s address wired internet connectivity. Unlike wireless it’s definitely not portable to just anywhere, but the security is phenomenal. Most major companies and universities have stayed with wired connectivity because of the security. Ethernet for example continues to be used even though it’s an older technology because the security and functionality still far surpasses the others. Most wired connections require a username and password to even have access to them, so hacking into a wired connection is nearly impossible.

With that being said, the downfall is they are way more expensive and harder to install than wireless connections.  Not to mention the long cables that juts out everywhere and tends to get tangled around your feet when sitting at your desk. Plus, you’re limited to the cable length. Most seem to find this a small price to pay for the amount of security they have when using wired connectivity.

Here’s a small recap that demonstrates both the pros and cons of both wired and wireless connections found on

Both wireless and wired internet connections have their ups and downs, but neither will be going anywhere anytime soon. When traveling or if you’re busy on the go, wireless is hands down the way to go. However, if you’re looking for something that will remain secure in one general location then wireless is probably your best bet. Is wireless or wired internet connectivity working best for you?



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